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Elizabeth is the Youthing Consultant

As a naturopath and food and health expert, Elizabeth Peyton-Jones takes a holistic approach to help you revitalise mind and body. She is passionate about healthy eating: her aim is to help people understand that what they eat is fundamental to the way they look and feel, and that small changes to diet and attitudes around food can awaken a more energetic and positive outlook on life.



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***Understand the pH values and know the affects of Acid v Alkaline on your body.***




Eat Yourself Young

Read Elizabeth's new book Eat Yourself Young and follow the EYY healthy eating programme at home. Buy the book here.



Book a personal consultation with Elizabeth for a holistic health diagnosis and advice on healthy eating, stress, emotional trauma and lifestyle.


Cooking Lessons

Bespoke cooking lessons to help you become aware of what you eat and why, to learn the healthiest combination of ingredients for your body, and the best cooking methods. Make it easy to cook great-tasting, revitalising food.


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Feel fabulous and healthy, youthful and vital with these youthing and detoxing items.


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