Imaginative Fruit Platter
Recipe type: Pudding
Summer is almost here and fruit salad is always a favourite, but make it super stylish with this little idea ...
  • Its, so simple ...
  • Any fruit so long as you have lots of colour!
  1. How to make a fruit platter pudding look elegant and super tasty.
  2. Use a slate and then chop up the most exotic fruit you have.
  3. Try to mix colours.
  4. Here we have used greens, red, blues and yellows. If you just have fruit salad with only pear, apple and pineapple, it will look dull.
  5. Jazz it up with a sprinkle of mint leaves or basil leaves.
  6. Add extra taste by juicing some ginger and sprinkling it on after you have created your fruit platter design.
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