Avocado Wrap
Cuisine: Main Course
Try this delicious, summery wrap for a light lunch or a snack. Avocados and aubergines are abound with essential fatty acids, fiber and potassium as well as vitamins A and C that will help keep your hair and skin looking bouncy and healthy.
  • 1 avocado
  • ½ aubergine
  • 1 tomato?
  • 1 handful of leafy green lettuce (watercress or lambs lettuce)
  • 1 carrot?
  • Juice of a lime
  1. Cut ¾ of the avocado into thin slices (about the size of a matchstick). Squeeze on a little lime juice to prevent the avocado browning.
  2. Cut the aubergine lengthways into long thin slices and then cut the slices into inch long strips to act as the wrap.
  3. Place the aubergine strips under a preheated grill and grill until they turn brown and soft to touch, turning over half way through.
  4. Whilst the avocado is grilling, prepare your salad by slicing a big juicy beef tomato and a carrot and the remaining ¼ avocado and arrange on a plate.
  5. Allow the aubergine to cool a little and then place the avocado matchsticks vertically in the centre of the aubergine and wrap tightly. (If the rolls do not hold their shape you can pin them together with a cocktail stick).
  6. Place the wraps on a plate with the tomatoes and carrot and top with a good handful of lettuce.
  7. Enjoy!
Recipe by EPJHealth at https://www.epjhealth.com/avocado-wrap/